This week I took a break from poetry and decided to go back to a medium that I know and love Fiction. I am not a poet. Poetry confuses me. Poetry frustrates me and baffles me and although I do have a high appreciation and awe for poetry and good poets I believe that I myself am not a poet. The reading I read this week “Poetry is not a Project” reminded me of my fiction based roots because it didn’t look like poetry, it didn’t feel like poetry. Although it talked to no end about Poetry it had a more fictional feel to it. Thats the attitude that I used to approach my assignment this week. I used the format of one of my favorite novels “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” and applied that letter style to my writing. I’m not quite sure how effective I was in portraying my story line. I definitely found it much more challenging than writing my usual story line. But I think that its a fun style to work with.


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